GBWhatsapp Latest Download 2023 (Anti-Ban)

GBWhatsapp Latest Download 2023 (Anti-Ban)

Size of the App:55.7 MB
Name of Version:V9.60
Requires:Android 5.0+
Root Required:No
Name of the App:GBWhatsApp
Based on:WhatsApp

We all know that social media has become the best way to connect with people. People use social media to chat, talk, and even meet loved ones who are far away from them. To this end, many social media platforms have been developed. Among them, GBWhatsApp APK comes out on top. It would not be wrong to say that 9 out of 10 people use WhatsApp today. Some use it for socializing, some for connecting with loved ones, and others for their business purposes.

Whatever the purpose of using it, this platform is always reliable for users. Over time, users of any application need a modified version of that application, and developers work hard to meet those needs. Likewise, the creators of WhatsApp have also built other versions of it such as FMWhatsApp, YOWhatsapp, Fouad Whatsapp, etc. So, here we provide details about the official GBWhatsApp Apk Download Anti-Ban.

If you haven’t used it, you should try it now. Don’t worry about the process of downloading and installing the app on your device. I will guide you through the download and installation process.

How to install GBWhatsApp APK on Android?

First, you have to make a backup manually from the official WhatsApp. So, you can recover all chat data on the latest GBWhatsApp without any problem. If you don’t, you may end up losing all your message history. This is a very important step.

  • Uninstall official WhatsApp or any other WAMOD with com.wa package name after backup.
  • Install the GBWA+ APK on your device by enabling the Unknown Sources security measure.
  • Open the app and tap the Copy WhatsApp data button.
  • Sign in and verify with your mobile number.
  • In the next page, you will be asked to Restore messages. Do it.

GBWhatsApp function introduction

In this section, the functions are explained, so if you don’t know them well, you can read all the information below, hope it will help you understand the application.Most of the features available on GB WhatsApp APK are not in the official app, which is why we all love GBWhatsApp.

Multimedia sharing improvements

When we talk about the multimedia features of the official app, we have a lot of problems, for example we cannot send videos and audios in larger sizes. We can neither open the received video on our external video player nor share a lengthy video and more images at once. But in GB WhatsApp, we can send more than 10 images at a time in original quality, and share 7 minutes of status video instead of 30 seconds. For audio files, we can share files up to 100 MB and video files up to 50 MB at the same time. All these features are only available in GBWhatsApp. These functions are very useful in daily life.

GBWhatsapp Features
  • Send large files of video, audio, images
  • Send video files up to 50 MB
  • Audio files can be shared up to 100 MB
  • Original quality of the image when sent
  • Change video player in GBWhatsApp
  • Send more than 10 images
  • Share video length limited to 7 minutes instead of 30 seconds

Hide your online status

This hidden feature is not available in the official version. Today, we need more privacy than in the past. But official WA cannot provide us with privacy options like GBWhatsApp. Here, we can do a lot on the hidden side. We can hide the double tick and hide our online status so we stay private, but also hide our writing status, hide our recording status, hide reading message status, etc. Official apps can’t provide all of these great features.

GBWhatsapp Features
  • Hide double tick and online status
  • Hide reading information status and writing status
  • Ability to hide recording status

New themes, multiple accounts and languages

In the official version, we don’t have many options for new themes, only limited ones. When we talk about multiple accounts, WhatsApp supports only one account. We need to use a multi-account app to use multi-account. And it only supports 60 languages in Android. There are many options for GBWhatsApp themes. We can use custom themes or create and use themes created by other users. It supports multiple accounts, no need to clone other apps like apps. You can create 3-4 accounts in GBWA. Also, it supports more languages than the official version.

GBWhatsapp Features
  • New GBWhatsapp Themes
  • Create and use themes available to other GBWA users
  • Download free amazing themes created by some users of GBWhatsApp
  • Dual/Multiple WhatsApp Accounts
  • GBWhatsapp supports many new languages

Emojis, GIFs, stickers and launcher icons

GBWhatsApp supports emoji converter option so that we can customize emoji. It has new launcher icons so we don’t get tired of using the same launcher icons for months. We can change and customize notification bar icons in GBWhatsApp. Now, it also supports stickers from the Play Store. We can download any sticker set to use them. Also, we can find multiple GIF providers where we can enjoy unlimited GIFs in chat. It also has many customization features not found in the original app. You can only find them in GB WhatsApp latest version.

GBWhatsapp Features
  • New launcher icon
  • Emoji converter available
  • Custom notification bar
  • Ability to add stickers from the play store
  • With so many gifs available, new ones are on their way

Automatic response

Do you know the “Auto Reply” feature of WhatsApp Business? Using this feature, you can reply to your WA contract when you are not available. You can select a message to automatically reply to. This feature is also available here. Also, you can copy someone else’s status by simply clicking on their status. For this, you don’t have to intercept their state.

GBWhatsapp Features
  • Copy anyone’s status just by clicking on their status
  • Always-on feature
  • Auto-reply messages, just like WhatsApp Business

Other features

GBWhatsapp Features
Latest Download
  • Enable password
  • Backup function
  • Message scheduling
  • Change the last time you saw
  • Amazing new tick style
  • Can connect with WhatsApp web, but features not working
GBWhatsApp Download


GBWhatsApp is a great app for everyone. We are convinced that everyone needs to keep in touch with their relatives, friends and colleagues on a daily basis, so there is a great need for a free source of communication. That’s why GBWhatsApp is the go-to app you can download right now by following the links on this page. Don’t waste your time getting this app anymore. Our comments section always welcomes valuable feedback from readers about the app and game, and we hope to hear from you soon.