How to set hidden online status in GBWhatsApp new version

How to hide online status GBWhatsApp

In the process of using GB whatsapp new version, many of the functions of gbwhatsapp have not been used by friends. These functions are also protecting the privacy and rights of users at all times, that is, personal privacy and online status can be set, and WhatsApp does not have an online status setting function, and generally displays the online status directly.

If friends want to set hidden status, you can set hidden status in GBWhatsApp, these modifications are easy to install and use, you can hide the online status of all contacts without changing the phone settings. If you want to keep your online presence private, there are some simple steps you can take.

How to set hidden online status in GBWhatsApp

It is very easy to implement in gbwhatsapp. Friends need to download the GBWhatsApp plug-in to set the hidden status. WhatsApp has limited functions, so friends can download GMWhatsApp from this website.GB Whatsapp New Version

Of course, if you want to download multiple versions of WhatsApp, you can also download from this website, such AS fm whatsapp latest version, fouad whatsapp latest version, yo whatsapp download apk, all support setting to hide online status.

gb whatsapp new version
gb whatsapp new version

How to set hidden status in GBWhatsApp

Hide your online status in GB WhatsApp allows you to hide your current status by removing the blue tick that shows up when you get a message. You can also turn off the last seen option if you want to remain anonymous. However, this will not prevent people from seeing your Last Seen status, GBWhatsApp will default your online status without setting a status.

How to Change Your Privacy Settings on GBWhatsApp

By default, GBWhatsApp sets your privacy settings to allow:

  • Any user can see your last meeting, profile photo, about information and read receipts
  • your contacts to see your status updates
  • any user who adds you to the group

To set privacy settings in GBWhatsApp, directly click More Options>Settings>Account>Privacy.

  • You can change who can
  • View your last meeting
  • View your profile photo
  • View your about information
  • View your status update
  • View read receipts
  • add you to the group

GBWhatsApp can completely protect users’ privacy and hide their online status. Users don’t have to worry about personal data being leaked. If you are concerned about privacy, the Last Seen status on GBWhatsApp has always been a privacy issue that many people are concerned about. Disabling Last Viewed Status on GBWhatsApp is one way to ensure your contacts cannot see your online status – even your online status! By disabling Last Viewed Status, your contacts will no longer be able to see your profile picture or read your stories. The process is simple: just open the app, tap Chat, and select “Block” in the bottom left corner.

Quickly set up hidden online status in GBWhatsApp.

Besides hiding online status, GB WhatsApp will also provide a way to disable the last seen status on your phone. By disabling it on your phone, you can limit the “last seen” status to only certain contacts. In this way, users can also limit the number of people who can see your messages in the friend list, which can greatly prevent spam and messages from being received.

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