Fouad WhatsApp Apk 2023 (Latest Update) Download

What is Fouad WhatsApp Apk

There is no doubt that the Internet has a positive effect on bringing countries closer together. Fouad Whatsapp(official APK is one of the best alternatives to other Whatsapp mods like GBWhatsapp, FMWhatsapp, YOWhatsapp, etc. It is based on Whatsapp and has many extra features like download status, view deleted messages, anti-ban and more. Since the functionality of these mods varies from user to user, it has its own user base. We bring you the latest version of Fouad Whatsapp APK which you can download by clicking on the download button given below. This Whatsapp mod is full of features that we will discuss later. Before getting into the features, let’s talk about what is Fouad Whatsapp APK.

Fouad Whatsapp APK Information

DeveloperFuad Mokda
Size55.7 MB
Supported DevicesAndroid v5.0 and above
Update2 Days Ago

Due to WhatsApp’s policies, the official WhatsApp application has limited functionality, so many modules are born that can be used for WhatsApp. Many developers have modified WhatsApp and added exciting features that were not available in the original. Fouad Whatsapp is considered the best Whatsapp mod because it offers a ton of features that are not found in other Whatsapp mods.

Found Whatsapp Download
Fouad Whatsapp Download

Features of Fouad WhatsApp

Hide online status

When you open WhatsApp, the word “Online” appears when other people open your chat history with you. If you’re still using the original WhatsApp, there’s no way to hide this, which is annoying for some people. If you’re seen online, other people will want their messages to you to be answered as quickly as possible. It’s not a problem if you are available, the problem is that you are sometimes busy or don’t want to reply to messages. Now you don’t have to worry because with Fouad WhatsApp the online status is well hidden. Now you have the freedom to open WhatsApp without the moral burden of not replying to other people’s messages right away.

Found Whatsapp Features

Download WA Story easily

Want to download a funny friend’s WA story? Don’t worry, you don’t need to use an online download app or website to download WA Story. Using Fouad WhatsApp, then you can easily download photos/videos on WA Story. If you want to use this app, a download button will appear immediately when you open WA Story. You just click the download button to automatically download it to the gallery. Imagine if you were still using the old WhatsApp, you couldn’t do all of the above. You can actually use screenshots, but it only works with photos and the results are not optimal.

Found Whatsapp Features

Change the theme until satisfied

The great feature of Found Whatsapp is that you can change the theme according to your mood, the theme is varied and free. You can download themes directly through the app, of course it’s easy since you don’t have to go to the website. This feature is perfect for those who are very tired of the original WhatsApp themes and want to change the atmosphere to something fresh. This is certainly better than using two very drab dark and light themes.

Found Whatsapp Features


Another useful feature of Found Whatsapp is Anti-Undo, which allows users to view deleted messages. You have certainly experienced that messages you receive are deleted by senders before you even read them. Must be annoying and curious, right? The good news is that by using this app you can still see the content of the message. So you won’t have to constantly wonder what the message is about. You can also see WA Stories that have been deleted by others, so if you use Fouad WhatsApp you won’t miss anything.

Found Whatsapp Features

Send HD quality files

Typically, WhatsApp will reduce the size of the file before sending it to the recipient for fast delivery. The problem is, this reduces the quality of the file. If you don’t like that, then you can use Fouad WhatsApp, which doesn’t reduce the size of the file, so it will be sent as-is. If the recipient sees a good quality document, he will not be disappointed. You can also send large videos, which is not possible on original WhatsApp. There is a limit to the total size of files that can be sent in original WhatsApp, so you cannot send multiple files at once.

Found Whatsapp Features

Various emojis

Not just the typical WhatsApp emoji, Fouad WhatsApp also offers a variety of different emoji, including Facebook emoji, Android 10, and more. Of course, you can enjoy chatting with your lover more vividly. There are also features that allow you to customize the appearance of WhatsApp, such as changing the font, font color, font size to the WhatsApp title. Anyway, you will get a different experience by downloading Fouad WhatsApp.

Found Whatsapp Features

New functions and some original functions

  • New attachment selector.
  • Ability to open/close attachments.
  • Animation added to new attachment.
  • Added 16 new bubble styles.
  • 5 new entry styles.
  • 14 tick styles added.
  • Remove the ability to “read more” and show all long messages added.
  • Ability to change “online” notification location.
  • The app has a do not disturb mode, you can call it airplane mode.
  • There is a translation option from Brazilian to Portuguese.
  • You can repeat new calls to FAB.
  • HSV color options available.
  • You can disable the redirect flag.
  • You can hide all media in the gallery.
  • FAB will work for RTL languages.
  • You can assign nicknames to participants.
  • The text of the message will be in Arabic.
  • You can specify the color of the forward icon.
  • This tool will allow you to bypass WhatsApp lock.
  • The image will be cropped somewhere below.
  • You can choose Azerbaijani.
  • You will have a theme store to download themes.
  • The theme will be downloaded automatically and the theme will be saved as a zip file.
  • You can choose the background color of the addressed message and color the participants.
  • You have a message blocker that prevents you from accidentally deleting important messages.
  • Overall speed is better than the original app.
  • You can choose to apply the theme without a background.
  • You can choose a background image for the screen. This way, you will have the wallpaper of your choice in the app.
  • There is a built-in call blocker that lets you choose calls.
  • You can choose an image to place in front of the bubble. Images can be placed on all bubbles, single, double or all.
  • You can set whether the images in the conversation are outside or inside, take photos in groups outside and inside, preview the styles you enter before applying them, and you can select labels to underline.
  • You’ll find the line color in the middle of the chat on the home screen.
  • You can change the color of pending messages, the date color on the home screen, specify the color on the home screen, and the color of the text on the record chat screen.
  • You can change the playback color of audio notes, as well as the audio note playback bar.
  • much more..

For more information on the features you will get on Fouad WhatsApp, you can study the table below:

Found Whatsapp Download
FeaturesFouad WhatsAppWhatsApp
Upload long videos on WA StoryFouad WhatsAppFouad WhatsApp
Unlimited themesFouad WhatsAppFouad WhatsApp
Hide last seenFouad WhatsAppFouad WhatsApp
Shared file HDFouad WhatsAppFouad WhatsApp
Long Term StatusFouad WhatsAppFouad WhatsApp
Status always onlineFouad WhatsAppFouad WhatsApp
Download WA StoriesFouad WhatsAppFouad WhatsApp
Send blank messageFouad WhatsAppFouad WhatsApp
Send message without saving numberFouad WhatsAppFouad WhatsApp
Anti-undo (delete message)Fouad WhatsAppFouad WhatsApp
Various emojisFouad WhatsAppFouad WhatsApp

Fouad WhatsApp installation steps

It’s fair to say that installing apps manually requires patience as it’s a lengthy process. However, for some people who prefer to use third-party or unofficial apps, it should take no more than 5 minutes to use the app. You have to go through a few steps to get the most out of the app, namely:

  • First, download the app via the link given above.
  • You can use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and make sure the download process is running.
  • Wait until the process is complete and the file is successfully saved on your device.
  • After that, open the settings on your smartphone.
  • Go to “Additional settings” menu “Privacy” and click “Unknown sources”, which means you have activated the menu.
Found Whatsapp installation
  • Then, if it is active, then you can go to the file storage that you downloaded earlier i.e. File Manager Downloads/Downloads folder Fouad WhatsApp application.
  • Click on the application file and a new screen will appear.
  • There will be an install button in the lower right corner, click that button.
  • The installation process will appear later, you must wait until the installation process is 100% running.

When it’s 100%, you can be sure you can get the most out of the app. To make sure you can see the app, is it available on your smartphone menu? If it already exists, then you can just log in and use two accounts at once and you can do it too. But don’t forget to turn off Unknown Sources first in Settings Additional Settings Privacy Unknown Sources, click until it’s greyed out. If the blue turns grey, you can be sure that the menu is disabled. If not closed, then some virus or data theft is likely to be carried out by hackers. Privacy settings can only be used to access third-party applications to be installed on the smartphone.


Fouad WhatsApp is a modified version of the WhatsApp application that adds some new customization features. It allows you to chat and create audio and video to connect and communicate with people. This is an extraordinary and highly sought after app for web and Android users around the world. It is completely free for Android users.

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